Hot sealing wax seal sticker in stamp set custom wood handlel brass

Product Detail

Products include:1pcs * Stamp、1pcs* Wax Spoon、2pcs*white Wax、3pcs* Sealing Wax Stick+1 pcs*8box

material:wood handle+brass

weight :300g

Copper head size: circular diameter 25MM/30MM or square 22MM/25MM

Box Size:length 19cm, width 14cm,height 4CM

Box color:black/brown

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Two of our standard wax seal kits.

We have been developing and designing some new wax seal kits in different styles for different markets. If you are interested in looking for a creative supplier and to be the first one to sell our newest products in your countries, send us inquiry NOW and we will send you our latest catalogue.

Shipping & Delivery

              Shenzhen Dunhu Industrial Co., Ltd.
      Our company is specialized in producing wax seal series products for 20 years. We have our own factory and welcome to visit us. In the future, we will be not only business partners, but also long-term friends.
      We will devote ourselves to producing the most beautiful and high-quality products and meet any of your requirements for the wax seals and the related items.