Wax Seal Stamp Set, Vintage Style Brass Color Antique Alphabet Initial Letter Sealing Wax Stamp Set, Retro Seal Stamps Maker Gift Box Set, Ideal Gift

Product Detail

Products include:1pcs * Stamp、1pcs* Wax Spoon、2pcs*white Wax、3pcs* Sealing Wax Stick+1 pcs*8box

material:wood handle+brass

weight :300g

Copper head size: circular diameter 25MM/30MM or square 22MM/25MM

Box Size:length 19cm, width 14cm,height 4CM

Box color:black/brown

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Sealing wax

Sealing wax is a wax material of a seal which, after melting, quickly hardens (to paper, parchment, ribbons

and wire, and other material) forming a bond that is difficult to separate without noticeable tampering. Wax

is used to verify something such as a document is unopened, to verify the sender’s identity, for example with

a signet ring, and as decoration. Sealing wax can be used to take impressions of other seals.

Sealing wax is available in the form of sticks, sometimes with a wick, or as granules. The stick is melted at one

end (but not ignited or blackened), or the granules heated in a spoon, normally using a flame, and then placed

where required, usually on the flap of an envelope. While the wax is still soft, the seal (preferably at the same

temperature as the wax, for the best impression) should be quickly and firmly pressed into it and released.


Sealing wax use for sealing confidential documents, parcels, certificates, gift decoration, wine bottle, ribbon, paper ……

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